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28 November 2007 @ 10:50 pm
Here is part II of voting for Final Battle: Future Diary! This part of voting is for each finalists' sets.

- Voting for War 01 FINAL BATTLE (Part II) will end when 25 OR MORE VOTES HAS BEEN CAST. (If this is met early, then voting will close on SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 30TH 2007 @ MIDNIGHT EST.)

- Also, voting will not close until each finalist has received 15 crits.

- You are ranking each set in order of preference. Comments/crits are optional, but if the crit you give is 8 words or more, double the amount of points will be given.

- You may not vote if you are one of the finalists.

- Everyone else may vote, regardless if you're a member or not.

- Please vote in the following format:

[Set #077] (Priority: 1) - Terrific use of text and textures..! The compositions are really strong, and the colour looks really authentic.
[Set #078] (Priority: 2) - Nice cropping! I also think that the icon styles, though varying, are quite unique and creative.
[Set #079] (Priority: 3) - Good colouring, but the typography and compositions are pretty weak, and don't seem to work well together. The styles are too varied, and could be made more uniform.

Alternatively, you may use the following template when voting:

SET 01
SET 02
SET 03

Please look carefully at each icon, and make sure when you're voting, you pick the right number and vote for it in the right ranking! Please remember to double check your votes to make sure!!
管理人kanrinin on December 1st, 2007 12:22 am (UTC)
Voting is now closed.